Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thyroid Problems

I went to the doctor over the summer to have my regular scheduled blood work done. The results were puzzling for the doctor, who then sent me to have a sonogram on my thyroid. The sonogram revealed that I had two nodules on the ride side of the thyroid, the first about 2cm and the other 3.5 cm. That prompted a visit to an ENT surgeon, who ordered a biopsy of both tumors. I have to say that was probably one of the scariest and unnerving procedure I have endured. My favorite line from the doctor was, "Don't move I don't want to pierce your trachea". That was in September and my thyroid is still swollen at the biopsy site. I have since then meet my new Endocrinologist who has done all sorts of blood work, CT and sonograms and has given me a diagnose of Hoshimoto Thyroiditis. Meaning that my body is attacking my thyroid and as a result these two tumors have manifested. I swear I am not making up the name. When I told my mom the diagnoses, she asked me if I had eaten too much sushi.

The ENT wants to remove the right side of the thyroid, because the largest of the nodules is growing too close to my voice box, but before they operate they want to see if hormone therapy can skrink the nodule. I have my follow up appointment next week, so we will see what the Endocrinologist will say. But I do want to thank those wonderful friends who have been praying and constantly checking up on my status. Your prayers are certainly appreciated and felt!


Integrator said...

If the nodules in your thyroid contan cystic components , the Ethanol sclerography PEI(sp) could shrink them.Best of luck

Mae Biñas said...

have you tried thyroid kits many people who has thyroid problem are using that kits.