Thursday, August 07, 2008

Gruene Texas

Historic Greune Mansion

Hanging out at the chuck wagon

Gristmill Restaurant

Grammie and Madelyn

Look its a cow

After a fun and fabulous weekend at Schillterbahn in New Braunfels, we made a stop in Gruene. Pronounced like the color green. What a great quaint and historical little town. We did have too much time to wonder around, but we did have lunch at the Gristmill restaurant on the Guadeloupe River, and stopped by the Greune Hall which is famous for its many private performances of country music stars. We even made a quick trip to the General Store and had a small nostalgic treat of Pop-Rocks. Now I doubt that the old west ever had the pleasure of eating such an exciting snack, but Michael and I did have fun playing with our snack on the way home.

We definitely decided that our trip next summer to Schillterbahn needs to include an over night stay on the historic Mansion and an old time family portrait where you dress up like some one from the old west.--way cool place to visit!

Daddy's Fashion Queen

When I have to work at the church on Sunday's; daddy is responsible for making Madelyn cute and ready for the world. I am so proud of Michael for picking out cute outfits and perfecting the pigtail hairdo. Way to go Daddy!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

At the McKinney downtown parade

Party with our Bible Fellowship class

This is the most adorable picture of Madelyn praying before our dinner.

The Sowells' had a neat blow up water slide--Way cool!
My little monkey

Daddy's little girl

The class had their own pie baking contest-- and I got to be one of the judges!
Madelyn discovered the fun of Snap pops on the ground

Zannerrss. Zane became an honorary family member.

Maddie watching the fireworks.