Monday, January 19, 2009

Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Fire Truck

Madelyn showing off her big muscles for Popo

Hurry, Hurry Drive the Fire Truck is one of Madelyn's favorite songs she learned at school. So every time she sees a fire truck, she very excitedly exclaims--there's Popo's truck and starts to sing the this song! Bryan had to work Christmas Eve, so we all went up to the station to visit him and let Madelyn get a ride in a fire truck. She was so excited!

Sea World San Antonio

Maddie and Aunt Vanessa

Dueling Nemo's

Walking advertisment for Sea World

Lunch with Shamu

Grammie treated the family to an adventurous day at Sea World. It was cold, no it was freezing! All day long we had freezing fog and drizzle. The park officials said they only had 700 visitors that day, so we essentially had the park to our selves. We a great time feeding the dolphins, and watching Vanessa almost lose a hand to a hungry dolphin that leaped through the air-dive bombing the tray of fish she was holding. I really wish we could have had that on video tape to see Vanessa's reaction-we could have easily won America's funniest videos. The highlight of the day was eating lunch with Shamu and his trainers. One because it was a hot lunch and two I was dining just feet from Shamu, who kept swimming by and would pick his head as to nodded and just kept on swimming. Then we got to visit one on one with his trainer and learn more about their jobs and got a behind the scenes tour. Fascinating Time!!! Madelyn now carries around a stuffed Shamu everywhere she goes and talkes non stop about the dolphins. Thanks for a great day Grammie!

Christmas with Grandma Wiatt

Madelyn Playing Tackle Popo

Ashley and Madelyn playing an intense game of Hungary Hungary Hippos
Grandma Wiatt
We drove South Of San Antonio close to Floresville, TX to have a Christmas dinner with Bryan's grandmother. She is one the best cooks I know and we all had great time visiting with her and Bryan's family.

Our Early Christmas in McKinney

Madelyn playing Santa Clause looking for one more present.

My goofy husband got really excited when he opened his Jason Witten jersey.
We celebrated Christmas in McKinney after Santa Clause came during Madelyn's nap. We told Santa to come early so we didn't have to pack up everything and take it to San Antonio to have Christmas with my mom. It was a fun and goofy afternoon that made for some good Christmas memories.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gingerbread House

This year we let Madelyn decide how she wanted to decorate her gingerbread house. Although she ate more of the decorations than she actually put on the house. None the less she was very of her masterpiece.

Mckinney Christmas Parade

Each year in downtown McKinney there is a themed Christmas Parade. This year's theme was Christmas Vacation with the Griswalds and there were some pretty funny floats. I was excited because it was actually cold that night and it helped to actually make it feel like Christmas time.

Visit with Santa

Madelyn helping to decorate the big tree.
Madelyn got to visit with Santa Clause at her school. You would think after a full of talking about Santa and what he might bring her for Christmas, that she might actually step with a 100 feet of him. Not exactly, the big red man did scare her, so mom had to go talk to Santa first, before she ventured up the jolly old man. Even then mom had to stay very close by. It was so funny to watch Madelyn with Santa. All I could do was think of the movie The Christmas Story, when Ralph has rehearsed exactly what he wants Santa to bring him Christmas and then he blanks and unconsciously agrees to a boring old football. Madelyn just nodded yes to everything that Santa rambled off. I bet by next year that will change and we wouldn't be able to get her off Santa's lap.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Feeding the Cows

Notice the cow on the far right of the first trough, he kept climbing into the trough to block the other cows from getting their fair share. It was so funny to watch them all push and shove each other during the feeding frenzy.

Michael's mom, Judy owns several heads of cattle and Madelyn got to experience up close feeding the cows. As long as Madelyn was being held or on top of the car she squealed with excitement. She especially enjoyed trying to pet the calves, even though she didn't close to them since they kept running away, she still thought it was a hoot.