Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Personal Cinderella

Like the Cheesy SMile?

Madelyn got a pair of dress up Sleeping Beauty Slippers for Christmas and wears those or Cinderella around the house ALL the time. This particular weekend, I was mopping the kitchen floor when Madelyn graciously offered to help me with this chore. She did a pretty good job!

Cooper's Birthday Party

Murphie and Madelyn

Check Spelling
Madelyn and Cooper cruis'n around

Giddy Up Caroline!

Cara and Madelyn sharing on the carousel

Just too cute!

Birthday Boy

Madelyn thinks that Caroline is her own personal doll, who she loves very much!

Madelyn knows the countdown sequence: first baby Jesus' birthday, then Cooper, then its her turn. So when her best bud Cooper had his 3rd birthday, then her party was right around the corner and she knew it! Happy Birthday Cooper, Madelyn had a great time!

San Antonio Missions

Mission Espada

Inside Mission Espada

The Espada Aqueduct

The main entrance of San Jose. Check out the protected gun torrents.

One of the three wells at the mission

Madelyn on the aqueduct bridge

A 12ft deep aqueduct used for turning the gristmill above

San Jose Church

Architectural detail at Mission San Jose

Being the history nerd that I am, we can not go some where with out checking out ALL of the local historical sites. I grew in San Antonio and remember visiting the Missions on field trips, but like most middle schoolers of the day, I could not appreciate the great value of these historical landmarks. So when I had some free time in San Antonio over Christmas break, we acted like a tourist and we went Mission hopping. It would have been awesome to visit all five that day, but Madelyn had a great time at Mission Jose and Espada, two of the five missions located along the mission trail; the Alamo being the most notable. Because we went on a Saturday, all the park's docents and reenactment volunteers where there with lots of hands on demonstrations. Maddy got to help hammer out some nails at the blacksmith, grind wheat at the gristmill and run around the open encampments. Since you already know that I am self proclaimed history buff, I went a head a head and bought a National Parks Passport, in which you get unique stamps at each of the parks historical registries. This way even when I am old, I can still remember all the places we visited together. What was amazing about Mission Jose and Espada is that they have have a continual active parish that still serves the community since they were found hundreds of years ago. Right now I am really trying to resist the urge to write a PowerPoint lesson using all the pictures we took. Next time we are in San Antonio, maybe we visit the other three missions.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Make up for Madelyn and Poppo?

Madelyn got play make up for Christmas and wanted to share her new fun and excitement with Poppo, who willingly let her apply the make up. To his dismay and mine, the make up didn't come off for three days and that's even using make- up removers.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Christmas in San Antonio

Madelyn walking into Gramie's living room on Christmas morning.
"Are all of these for me?"


Bryan and Michael

Mom and La Shea

" I wonder what is in this box?"
Madelyn, Me, Jazlyn, Trent and Bailey.

Christmas in San Antonio was jammed packed. Both in the activities of the week and the number of people at my mom's house. I think it was the first Christmas in over ten years that we were all together--including all of our spouses and kids. How many you ask! Mom, Bryan, Me, Michael, Madelyn, Jason & Ashley, Vanessa & Jeff, La Shea & JD, Arianna and Jazlyn, and Trent. That is 14 people in my mom's tiny living room--there was obviously no room to walk around. It is amazing that months of preparation and shopping for the perfect gifts is over in such a short amount of time. But the fun part was that we got to sit around and visit with everyone and the kids had a great time playing with each other.