Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Madelyn's Mishap

Madelyn all smiles in her Pre-Op
9 pieces of rice and her first set of tubes.
9 pieces of Rice. Yep, the white fluffy stuff you cook. Madelyn woke up 2am on Wednesday complaining that her ears hurt. Michael pulled out his otoscope and looked and responded with "I think I see rice in her ears." What is rice doing in her ears? That was the question I got from a lot of people. The rice in the ears apparently happened at school the day before. I took her to the pediatrician in the morning, but when she went to look at her ears with the scope, Madelyn started screaming and bleeding from her ear canals--that's right, she had rice in each ear. We were quickly referred to our ENT who was at the ER in McKinney. We had to see our ENT partner's Dr. Thrasher who was wonderful! He tried to vacuums out the rice,--not very successful. It took 3 nurses, me and the doc to hold her down for him to attempt to vacuum out the ear. The only option left- surgery! The next morning we head to Medical Center of McKinney for a 7 am surgery and ten minutes later they removed 9 pieces of rice and both sets of tubes. Poor baby was in a lot of a pain as the rice was pointed into her eardrum. Thursday She was pretty tired, but by Friday afternoon Maddie was returning to her old spunky self. We all hope that she had learned a valuable lesson.

She did it AGAIN!!!
Saturday afternoon, Madelyn woke up from her nap complaining her ears hurt again. This time I could see something white in the ears and we can't get it out. We head to Acute Kids, where they use an 18 inch syringe to irrigate the ears, flushing out the two beads in each ear. Where did they beads come from? As soon as I saw the bead fly out of her ear, I knew that it had come from Bailey's bear. Bailey loves to play with her stuff bear and the night before Baily had ripped off one of the Bear's legs spilling a bead stuffing onto the carpet. We threw away the bear and vacuum and assumed nothing off Bailey's toy. but Madelyn did, she said she found the beads under the couch. A new lesson learned, always check under the couch when vacuuming.

That night Madelyn woke up with a fever of 103, and Sunday morning it was still 102. We call Dr.Champion our wonderfull ENT and she meets us up at Presby Allen. She gives her complete look over and her best guess is that Madelyn has had a reaction to the anesthesia, which caused the upper part of her lung to collapsed pushing mucous further down in to her lungs. So went spent all of Sunday holding poor pathetic Madelyn and doing breathing treatments. Still feverish on Monday, Michael and Maddie stayed home and did more doctor visits. Just as Champion and the Pediatrician said, when the symptoms of the anesthesia pass, she'll just return to normal. By Monday evening Madelyn was perking back up and starting to act her normal adorable self.

If you ask her now, what do you put in your ears, she grin and yell "Nothing"!


Rita was my grandmother, who passed away three months before I met Michael. I have shared memories and photos of my grandma with Madelyn, but I have always referred to her as my grandma, as Maddie calls my mom Grammie. Last Sunday we were getting ready for bath time when Madelyn stopped, turned around and asked "Who is Rita"? This surprised me a little bit, but I asked Madelyn how she knew Rita. She replied, "that's the nice lady who is always with Grammie and keeps her safe". "She is the one who gives me kisses when Grammie comes to visit." What Maddie didn't know was that evening, my mom (Grammie) was flying home to San Antonio after visiting my sister in San Diego. So I asked Madelyn were Rita was right now and she said "on the airplane with Grammie, to keep her safe and not be lonely". I have heard that young children can often see angels and things that adults can not, but if my grandma is making visits, it warms my heart to know that my daughter has an opportunity to experience her love and protections. Has anyone else ever heard of such a thing?

Happy 5th Year Anniversary

Michael and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary in August with a super fancy dinner at Chamberlain's. Thanks to a wonderful church member who gave the children's ministry gift certificates for dinner. Thank you, because for the first time in a long time we got to eat a hot meal without interruptions, make two trips to the potty, and not have to cut meat up into tiny pieces. And to top off the evening, we got to go to the movies--a real adult movie(Swing Vote), that did not include a cartoon. Michael and I didn't know what to do with ourselves, but truly enjoyed ourselves as we celebrated five great years.

Long Lost Summer Pictures

Celebrate Freedom

Madelyn and KJ at our new splash park in McKinney.

Aviator Park

I had totally forgotten about the small camera and all the fun pictures we had taken this summer, until we recently found the camera stashed in Madelyn's pool bag. I know its a bit late to post summer memories, but we had so much fun taking them, that couldn't forget to add them to the blog.

Madelyn and Popo playing at Shillterbahn while mom and dad get to off and ride the big rides

playing in the wave pool

playing this hard makes for one tired little girl

Notice the shirt: What happens at Grandma's house stays at Grandma's. Does that include the wade of money she just took from her wallet???

She never slept so well!

Hawaiian Falls
Hula Girl

Stars Game

Outside of the American Airlines Center.

We were sitting so high up that we could almost reach up and touch the giant Chili's Pepper. At first Maddie was not thrilled about the floating pepper, but by the end, so kept cheering for it to come closer.

The school district was sponsoring a family day at the Stars game and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to take Madelyn to her first hockey game.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall at the Arboretum

That's a big Pumpkin House

Poor Grammie fell right after we took this picture into the edge of the sidewalk--sorry about that bruise, but we got a cool picture.

Maddie in front of the miniature cottage
Giddy up Bambi, Giddy Up!

Look at the all the Nemo's!

Grammie, Me, Madelyn, and Daddy

Just the Girls!

A cute pumpkin in the Pumpkin Patch

What a better day to end a fun filled afternoon but by carving a pumpkin
Madelyn want to help with the pumpkin, but wanted nothing to do with the yucky strings.

Fall Festival

After a long night, Belle was ready for Bed.

Tony Romo and Belle

Grammie and Madelyn taking some practice shots

Belle throwing her ball

Fishing game--one of her favorites!

not to thr illed to be riding the pony

On the train

Beautiful Belle going to the Ball

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Little Gym Spooktacular

Working on her Gig'em

Walking on the big balance all by herself

"Cheese, take my picture"- Madelyn said!

Knocked over all the bottles the first throw.

Looks its the Maroon flash! Maddie in action doing somersaults down the giant slide.

The Little Gym had a Spooktacular party for all their kiddos that included fun obstacle events, carnival games, lots of candy and even a giant mountain slide. Madelyn went as an adorable ATM cheerleader and went went as fans. I wish we would have thought to get a family picture of all of us in ATM paraphernalia, but Madelyn was very concerned about moving onto the next event and trick or treating. But her favorite was the fishing game and doing somersaults down the giant slide. The amazing part of the evening was that they had door prizes and we WON one. We won a free birthday party at Little Gym. Did hear that? We actually WON something. You talk about the Lord providing-HE is amazing! With Michael in school this year and us living on my measly teacher's salary, this party is God send and to have it a favorite place is just icing on the cake! I hope you all can make it!