Sunday, August 30, 2009

Best Buddies, Beach Pool and a Bouncing Good Time

Kaelyn and Madelyn

Modeling her new swimsuit

Its, a yellow blur--Nope, its Just Madelyn bouncing down the slide.

To help us celebrate the opening of the Beach pool for the summer reason, Kaelyn and Amy spent the day lounging, splashing and picnicking at the Beach pool. The girls as always had a blast together, but I was never able to get a picture of Madelyn looking at the camera--arg! But she was adorable in new swimsuit. And to top off the weekend, we help Zack celebrate his birthday at Pump It Up. Madelyn now loves the Giant slide and spent the entire time climbing up and zipping down the slide.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sea World San Diego

Sea World San Diego

Look for the jumping dolphin just above the yellow line

Some very talented performers

"Hey Mr. Seal are you Hungry?" "Bark if you are hungry"

Striking resemblance to anyone you know?

Madelyn-"Yewwww that fish smells" Me- "Madelyn make sure that you wipe your hands on Grammie's shirt."

Hanging out the Sea Lions feeding tank.

Hanging out at the Clyde and Seymour Show--There was a cold wind at the top of the stadium, did I mentioned it was also misting. I am so glad that I packed a jacket for Madelyn. In the middle of June it was cold. I love the weather in San Diego.

"Whoa look at all the dolphins"

Madelyn trying to imitated the Sea Otter behind her

The only picture of Shamu that I had that was not blurry--either way Shamu was the highlight of the day!

Madelyn and Grammie

On the Sky ride over San Diego Bay--its was very cold up there!

Madelyn and Aunt Vanessa choose the pink flying Elmo to fly on.

Our view of San Diego Bay for the Sky Tower

Monday, August 17, 2009

San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park

Madelyn enjoying the view from a double deck tour bus

Polar exhibit

Just one of the many birds that roam the Zoo.

Cleaning up in the petting zoo.

Look at that adorable butterfly

Getty up Mr. Hippo

Madelyn and Grammie bugg'n each other

I think I can see Madelyn

Baby Jaguar... Madelyn's only reason for coming to the Zoo.

In the Elephant Odyssey.

She loved the view from the Sky Ride

View of Balboa Park from the Sky Ride. The dome shape building is the Museum of Man.

Riding the train with Mama Jaguar in Balboa Park.

Riding an historic 1906 carousel.

Floating like a butterfly.
For our third day in San Diego we spent the day at the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park. The morning started off rather warm and sunny, but before lunch the Marine Layer fog started to roll in the mystery fog from Scoby Do, which created a rather enjoyable day, breezy yet still warm. The Zoo is HUGE with over 30, 000 species of animals. There is no way to see everything on one day. And I did I mention the monstrous hills--the steep up and down. To solve this problem we opted for the double deck tour bus and loved the tour and the scenery. The petting zoo portion was OK, but we were spoiled from the day before at the Wild Animal safari (which is own by the zoo). Madelyn once again found the Zebra vibrating chair and had to sit in it each time we passed one. She loved the Sky Ride, once she figured out we were going to go back down, and the polar bear exhibit.
But the most exciting part of the day for the little munchkin was the Jaguar exhibit. You would have thought she had won the lottery, so thrilled to see "Baby Jaguar". Any one who watches Go Diego Go would understand. Her daddy gave her a stuffed Baby Jaguar and he goes everywhere with her. Madelyn even took the pictures of the Jaguar. Yes, she still talks about the Jaguar, but if you ask her what she saw at the Zoo, Madelyn will tell you about the elephant that "pooped and peed a lot"! The Elephant Odyssey was amazing and allowed you to get up close to the elephants and see how they were taken care of. We saw one elephant getting it's daily pedicure, and saw two other elephants playing together. One of the elephants turned its rump to use and proceed to pee in front of Madelyn. I wish I video camera with me, because Madelyn's eyes got very big and she said, wow, that's a lot of pee. Moments later, Madelyn loudly exclaimed to the enjoyment of the people surrounding us, "Look mommy that elephant's poop is bigger than me and really stinky". Profoundly impact by this sight, she still tells everyone about the elephants at the San Diego Zoo.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

San Diego Bay Harbor Cruise

I was truly enjoying the crisp ocean breeze along the San Diego Harbor.

Madelyn and Grammie

The USS Mercy--served in the Gulf War

Madelyn liked looking at the wake of our boat in hopes that the bubbles coming to surface would also entice a mermaid to make an appearance.

A Frigate, Destroyer and a Battleship. The floating fence is motion monitored and patrolled by heavily armed naval police---big, big, big shot guns mounted to the boats and hand carried.

Dry dock construction of an super ship.

The large ship to the left is the first of a new Class of Ships. The Bow of the boat is uniquely built so that when sonar pings the ship it only resembles the size of fishing boat.

The Escondido Bridge. Legend has it, that the architect created the bridge's underpass to resemble the Spanish mission bells.

View of the downtown Skyline. Notice the small all brown high rise--that's the federal penitentiary. It has the small view as the Four Seasons. Now you know where you're tax dollars go in California.

Looking out to San Diego Hills

"The Kiss" Statue

Bob Hope Memorial Garden