Friday, February 01, 2008

Aunt Nessa

Princess Madelyn and Princess Madelyn playing in her new house

Just the three of us

Madelyn upset that her aunt Nessa was going Bye-Bye!

She discovered the air vent on the ball return.

Push that ball down the lane

Bowling with my Aunt Nessa

Aunt Nessa is silly!

I love Aunt Nessa!

My Sister Vanessa came for a visit from California. It had been about a year and half since her last visit, so this was really the first time Madleyn related a face to a name. Vanessa is not the easiest name for little ones, so Madelyn on the phone had called her 'Nessa, and the name has stuck. Aunt Nessa was the highlite of Madelyn's week. "Come on Nessa" I heard many times, as she pulled Nessa hand in the direction she wanted her to follow. What ever Vanessa was doing, so was Madelyn. Everything Madelyn wanted to do included Nessa doing it with her. Madelyn would start her mornings with "Wheres Nessa? and end her nights by saying "Thank you for Nessa " in her prayers" ...Mommy and Daddy who? Boy did Aunt Nessa spoil her! She graciously bought Madelyn more Dora the Explorer DVDs...thanks Vanessa, you are just lucky enough not to have to sit and watch them EVERYDAY. Although I think She got a healthy dose of Madelyn's Dora obession.

While Vanessa visited we had a great time playing at Gattitown, where Madelyn got to share her love for Skee ball with her Aunt Nessa. For old time fun, we went bowling! Yes Bowling, I never imagined that Madelyn would enjoy bowling. We have anew bowling alley in Frisco that is Smoke Free that caters to young families bowling. We did Cosmic bowling with black lights and bumper bowling. Madleyn just had to have a hot pink ball and even managed to carry her own ball from the return up to the lane. They had the neatest little ramp that the kids could place at the end of the lane and then push the ball down the slope, instead of having to roll it down the lane. So Madelyn really thought she was hot stuff, considering she out scored us both! To wrap Vanessa's visit we celebrated Vanessa birthday a few days early with a dinner at Olive Garden. Madelyn loved all the extra attenion from Vanessa and we really enjoyed the dinner because Vanessa did a great job of occupyign her so that we could also eat a hot meal uniterupted.

I was very happy to see my sister and I know that Madleyn really enjoyed having her Aunt Nessa around. She still asks "Where did Nessa go?" and "Let's call Nessa on the phone",she really loves her Aunt Nessa!