Monday, June 21, 2010

Texarkana, USA

Only Courthouse and Post Office in the United States that straddles two states. In fact if you sent mail from this post office it would be marked as not Texas or Arkansas, but Texarkana USA.

Mackenzie in Texas and Jonathan and Madelyn are in Arkansas.

Casey-Michael's Sister and Mackenzie and Jonathan.

Ace of Clubs house. Legend has it that the house was built with money won from a poker game. The owner built the home in the shape of a "club" playing card.

Regional Museum of History.

Union Station and the Jail also sits on the states division line.

Before cars roamed the streets, this was the main fountain in the center of the town for horses to drink from.

Madelyn's Spring Music Recital

Madelyn is the second kid from the left signing the motions to "All you need is Love".

Ms. Mary helped the "Groundhog" class with the sign language for "Put a Little Love in your Heart". It was absolutely adorable. I was laughing, crying, and beaming with pride all at the same time. Michael and sat their watching and could not believe that our baby girl was old enough to be up there performing. Now everday Madelyn wanders around the house belting out these songs.

For the Finale, all three hundred kids sang and signed "We are the World".
Madelyn goes to Castle Hills Montessori and it has an amazing music program. This year's recital was called "All You Need is Love". Each class from the three schools performed their own 70's themed song. Madelyn's class decorated their own groovy shirts with their names and wore the cutest "Rock Star" glasses.

Memorial Day Weekend

Madelyn strutting her stuff.

It took Jazelyn three "slips" to make it to the end of the slide


Grammie's turn on the slip-n-slide.

Madelyn showing us how flexible she can sliding.

La Shea showing off her old cheer leading moves.

A domino chain of silly girls sliding their way down

My twenty year come back on the slip-n-slide

Aunt Shea turn slide.

Jazelyn sports a very cool new look

My Grammie, what beady eyes you have

"Grammie, I have a water gun and I know how to squirt it!!!!"

Michael--our live bubble blaster!!

Memorial Day Princesses

La Shea & JD

Little Gym Gymnastics Show Week

Doing the Bear Crawl

Showing off her handstand on the bars

Practicing her "Taadaa". I know this doesn't mean much to many people, but can you tell she has been working on her streamline arms for swimming?....she is going to be such the swimmer.

Erika and Madelyn after getting their medals.


Easter 2010

Each year the Easter Bunny leaves a trail of eggs to help Madelyn find her hidden basket

Enjoying her loot.

Grammie and Madelyn

Family picture

Grammie and her girls.
Shaking the egg to see if there is any candy in the egg.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Eckles Farwell Party

Madelyn and Kaelin

Our dear friends the Eckles have temporarily made their home in Alaska and before they left, they had once heck of a going away party. Sure it was a mix of a neighborhood Easter party, but the kids had a blast playing, going on pony rides, petting some exotic creatures and running until they were exhausted. We already miss them, but we are super excited to go visit them this summer!