Sunday, September 07, 2008

Celebration Splash Park

It's NEMO!!!!

Even mom gets wet to cool off

Amy and Kaelin on the see-saw

Wow, that's way high up!

I'm commanding the waters!

That's Cold!!

Madelyn and I had a play date with Amy and Kaelin at Celebration Park in Allen, Texas. It was as great way to cool off and run the kids ragged. Madelyn had so much fun playing with Kaelin that she was asleep before we left the parking lot. I got a little picture happy, and couldn't decide on just a few, so I thought I would indulge with all my favorites.

Finger Painting

Look at me I'm finger painting!!!!

How did my hands get so dirty?

Look at my hands!

Lets just add some more paint up here...

Very Proud of her creation--notice the painted fingers sticking up

Madelyn's first adventure at home with Finger Paint. She had a blast getting dirty and creating some beautiful and abstract master pieces.

An indoor Pool???

Everyone knows that August in Texas is miserably HOT! But despite the heat, yard work must still get done. Michael and I need to work in the yard and garage, and Madelyn wanted to go swimming, but out fair skinned child burns so easily even with tons of sun screen on; so we came up with Madelyn's personal indoor pool. We placed her blow up pool in the garage, turned on the hose and we had one happy and wet child. She got to play with out a sun burn and I was able to clean out the garage.

Sparkle for Jesus

Princess Madelyn got to attend Princess Prep School at Prestonwood and Nickie got her this adorable shirt that says "Sparkle for Jesus". Thanks Nickie! Royal Purpose ministries does a fabulous job putting together their Princess camp and teaching the girls what it means to be a true daughter of the King. I can't wait for her to be old enough to really attend!

Michael's Family Reunion

Oddie Anne Teston's Family

I'm gonna catch you!

Jonathan and Uncle Mark

Bubbles-every kids favorite

Maddie loved to play with the big girls

After a full day of fun-you really need a nap!

And this is what I get to play while the kids nap!What can I say I am a Trivia Pursuit junkie!
The last weekend in July is always Michael's family reunion in Cross Plains, Texas. I am pretty sure the weekend that the Teston Family descends upon Cross Plains that they double the town's population. Madelyn had a great time as this year more younger kids showed up making this one long play date for her. She especially enjoyed playing with her favorite cousin Mackenzie.

Sparkler Fun

Fourth of July Fun doesn't have to end on the 4th. Although apprehensive about the "fire stick", she had a fun time playing with her sparklers.

And daddy got this cool confetti popper that they exploded in the backyard that had lots of neat shinny confetti that got everywhere despit it being popped in the backyard.