Friday, March 20, 2009

Super Sweet Valentines

Then and Now Valentines

Valentines Then!

Look at how much they have changed!!!!

Valentines Now-- so adorable cute!

Super Sweet Kisses xoxox

Madelyn with her super sweet Grammie

Cruis'n Cooper taking his girls for a drive!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baking with Grammie

Hey, Madelyn, i think you have something on your face........

When Grammie to visit over Valentine's weekend, the one Madelyn HAD to do with Grammie w
as bake cookies. So the night before Valentine's, Madelyn and my mom made the delicious heart shaped cherry filled cookies. I am pretty sure that Madelyn got more flour and filling on her face than in the bowl, but she had blast baking with Grammie.

Ont he way home from our weekend in Austin we stopped in Waco, Texas to visit the original home of Dr. Pepper, or what Michael calls God's nectar. It was a great side attraction to visit and stretch your legs. And the best part of the visit is the old fashion soda jerk that serves the delicious Dr. Pepper floats at the end. We couldn't stay too long as we still had to make it home for the Super Bowl and pick up Baily.

The Luna Wedding

Our dear neighbors Joe and Vicki were married Jan 31st, near Austin and we had the honor to attend the beautiful outdoor chapel for the ceremony with the reception following at Symphony Square in downtown Austin. We all had a great time and danced the night away in celebration with Vicki and Joe.

Madelyn and her friend Ally the Flower Girl

Dancing with Daddy

Chapel Dulce de Noche in Budda Texas

Duck Tour of Austin

Maddie and Grammie quacking-up on the tour.

Two Big Quacks

Madelyn driving the boat on Lake Lady Bird
We spent a fun filled weekend in Austin as our dear neighbors were getting married. My mom met us for lunch and fun afternoon as we acted like tourist and took a DUCK tour of Austin. For those of you not familiar with WWII amphibious assault vehicles, this truck turns into a boat when it goes into water and then goes back onto dry land as a truck. As crazy as it sounds, we had a Quackingly good time sight seeing around the city and learned some Austin history at the same time.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Madelyn is turning into a....Smurf?

While I was cleaning the bathroom, Madelyn was coloring in the living room. She proadly walked in the bathroom to find me and show me her newest creation---her blue body. She literally had colored her entire abdomen blue, it was down her legs and arms and had started drawing on face. I do have full blue body pictures that I will one day pull out to show to her college boyfriend, but for now, you get to see the rements of the face. The only thing I knew that would remotley take off the blue marker was a good bubble bath. After 30 minutes of soaking and playing, Madelyn emerged a a pale blue pruned little girl. But she had fun every minuted of that adventure.

Our Little Ballerina

My little girl is growing up so quick. She has grown the parent-child gym times and is now doing a dance class, all on her own. Madelyn is taking a dance class at The Little Gym that is perfect for three year olds. Its 15 minutes of tap, 15 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes in the gym of cheer and gymnastics. She really loves her classes and she gaining such independence as she learns to take instruction with mom and dad there whole time guiding her. Not to mention she looks adorable in her Princess leotard.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun!

All smiles!

Ally is our neighboor and one of Madelyn's best friends.

Everyone knows that Grammie spoils Madelyn and her 3rd birthday proved to be even more true. Madelyn got a princess car complete with a working radio and presets. She is still mastering the basic mechanics as in hold down the pedal and steer at the same time. None the less she is having blast terrorizing the neighborhood sidewalks.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Madelyn's 3rd Birthday!

The Birthday Girl!

Ally Cat

The Lopez Boys

Madelyn and Caroline jumping together
Ms. Chasity trying out her gymnastic skills

Kaelin conquering the Balance Beam
We had Madelyn 3rd birthday party at one of her favorite places--The Little Gym and we had so much fun! We are so blessed and privileged to the parents of this spunky three year old. And having all of our family and friends there just made it such an extra special day for Madelyn.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Kitchen Remodel

Look what we got done! After two years of saving up our Home Depot gift cards from birthday's, anniversaries, and Christmas, we got a tile back splash for the kitchen. I love the new look, It was worth the wait!

Madelyn's Celebration of Life

Madelyn's school does a celebration of life in honor of their birthday. Her teacher, Ms. Chasity did a great sing performance and then Madelyn walk around the sun holding an earth. On floor where the months and she walked, Madelyn sand, the "The earth goes around the Sun tra-la-la". And each time she reached January I got to say a special milestone she achieved during that year. It was a different yet fun way to celebrate three blessed years with Madelyn. The best part for Madelyn was Little Mermaid cupcakes--yummy icing!