Monday, March 29, 2010

Snowcation Pictures

Our Fashionable Snowman

My super dooper cool snow angel!!! I have mention how much I love snow!
This was in the morning with about 2-3 inches of snow, when the snow just coming and coming and coming. The weather man had only predicted one to two inches of snow and we ended up with a record 12 inches.
Maddy was so excited when she woke and realized that we had no school that morning because it was SNOWING!!!!

Catching snow flakes on her tongue

I know this picture is bit blurry, but it was taken a 11pm and it was crazy how light the night sky was. (Is that an oxymoron?) I know it has something do with reflection of the light off the snow, it was weird to go outside and it sorta be dark outside.
I was already dressed for work when they called a snow day, not one but two. While I was extremely grateful for a snow to help recoup after having Mono. I will not be as thrilled when we will have to make those two days up in June. But it was worth every snowflake.

A Kitty, A Duck and Snowman-- Fun with Cousins

A Kitty, A Duck and Snowman- such cute cousins!

Ariana, Mackenzie, Hunter, Madelyn, Jazlyn & Jonathan

Jaz is too cool for words!

Madelyn is all smiles opening up her birthday presents

Nothing like a little Trampoline jumping to start off the morning.