Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wiggly Play Date

Honk, Honk, Beep, Beep, Look out world here comes Madelyn.

Cooper and Madelyn racing each other down the slide, while Ella and Cara are waiting there turn.

Ella so proud of her walking across the bridge
When the weather is cold and wet, there are not a lot of places to for the kiddos to run around and burn off excess energy. A great alternative is the Wiggly Play Center. So we had a fun play date with Cara & Ella, and Cooper and Caroline at the Wiggly play center and the kids climbed crawl, slide, hide, and drove, until they were exhausted and all the moms were thankful for the extra long naps that day.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Snow Ball Fight

Madelyn got Cooper on the cheek, not with a kiss, but with snow ball

Cooper tasting a snow ball! Yeww!
Cooper goes for the throw and Scores!

Madelyn going for her revenge

Come here Cooper, I have something for you : )
One day in Texas its 27 and the next day its 65 degrees. All the snow we had the day before was melting away, but that didn't stop Madelyn and Cooper from having a snow ball fight!

More Snow!!

Just as the snow started to fall. The snow flakes were huge!

Driving home this afternoon was like driving through a Slurpee.

I thought I was blessed to have one day of snow, but TWICE in one week was awesome! Most of the schools in the area were closed or had delay openings. Good thing too, our driveway and street were iced over.


I like the snow--finally!

McKinney Winter Wonderland

I am going to get you!

Wow, snow is cold and sticks to your feet! She kept saying cold, Cold, COLD--Hold You!

Bailey at first would only go to the edges of the patio to do her stuff, but quickly discovered it wasn't too bad.

Since we had a delayed opening for school and work, Madelyn and I took advantage of the time and played in the snow.
When Madelyn woke up Tuesday morning, she awoke to a beautiful, peacefully white, winter wonderland! She ran to the door as I was letting Bailey out and she said, "BBRRR its cold out side", then she pushed me aside and stuck her head outside and said, "Where's the Polar Bears?" Hey she knew that the polar bear live in the snow and she really thought she could find some in our back yard.

I'm Dreaming of a White....March?

There was about an hour difference between these two pictures.

Madelyn's reaction to the snow "Mommy, its cold out here, lets go play inside" I think she has spent too much time in Texas!

She is showing off the snow flakes in her hair.
It is true about the weather in Texas. If you don't like it, wait a few minutes and it will change. And it changes dramatically! Lately we have been experiencing hot-cold days here, but all winter long, I have dreaming of a cold crisp winter wonderland. But the winter months flew bye, without a dusting of the white stuff, that most Northerners refer to as snow. But them one magical spring day in March my winter dreams came true! North Texas was blanketed with SNOW on the night of March 3rd.

This was the first time Madelyn had seen snow--that she recognized and was very excited to see the cold white stuff. We probably got a total of 3 inches and had a delayed opening the next morning. We,...I especially enjoyed playing in the snow the next morning!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Madelyn and Bailey the Beagel

Madelyn loves to give Bailey hugs and kisses.

Bailey loves to share Madelyn's food!

Story Time

Hurry Up--Story Time is this way!

Madelyn enjoying, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

They held hands and walked through the library this--Darling!

The Three Amigos

Nap Time

Sharing an after nap snack together

We have started a Friday morning tradition-Story Time at the Frisco Public Library. Its funny how well Madelyn know her schedule and on Friday morning, she says lets go read...story time... Cooper? Jenny had invited us a few weeks ago and to my surprise Madelyn loved it. It is a toddler story time that is fast paced with puppets, books projected on an overhead screen, lots of songs, dancing and action poems.
This week we went with Sally and her two girls, Ava and Sophia and Jenny, Cooper and Caroline. The kids had so much fun and were adorable to watch as they were mesmerized with story time.

Hail Damage

Madelyn holding an Egg size piece of hail "oh mommy its cold!"

Some comparison shots of just how big some of the hail was

Just too darn cute for 6am

Our poor umbrella took a beating and flew out of the stand and across our yard.

Just as the hail storm started

It was before 6am when we are wildly awaken by a severe hail storm. We have had hail before, but never this large nor for the duration. It was pretty scary to hear quarter and egg size hail hit the roof and windows! We are very fortunate only to have minor cosmetic damage to the house, a mangled patio set and our cars look like small pox survivors. The storm lasted for about 15 minutes of heavy hail and then rained the rest of the day. Some of our neighbors had some pretty bad damage to their roofs and I have seen a lot new roofs going up lately. It's an amazing sight to see, I just wish it didn't bring so much damage with it!

Happy Valentine's Day

Madelyn and Cooper's First Valentines Together--She slept through the whole thing!

Madelyn giving Cooper his Valentine Card and a little smooch!

Madelyn and Cooper on Valentine's day now

Lunch Date with Cobbs

Around, Around and Around we go!

Jenny and Caroline laughing at Cooper's funny faces. He really enjoyed the Pirate Ship!

Cooper thrilled to be riding the Pirate Ship. Notice Madelyn's death grip on my arm. She did not find the ride as amusing as Cooper did.

Riding the Tea Cups

Flying a helicopter, takes teamwork

This is so funny!

Drive Faster Cooper!

We had the fun pleasure of eating lunch with Jenny, Cooper and Caroline at Gattitown. Even though the kids thought that the Pizza was great, they had a blast running around playing games and riding rides. I don't think we are going to get away much longer with the kiddos just playing with the games without putting money in the machine. Right now they are fascinated with the lights and the demonstration part of the games. Both Madelyn and Cooper both love to play Skee Ball and both are pretty good at it. Well at least for Madelyn if you count walking up the lane and throwing the balls into the wholes. Every time she throws the balls, she cheers for herself and says "Yeah Madelyn". She is her greatest cheerleader!