Sunday, October 26, 2008

Plano Balloon Festival

On great Saturday evening, we ventured out to see the Plano Balloon Festival and discovered that the traffic jam to get there was a nightmare. We quickly realized that Plan B was going to be even better. A little park across the highway was in the direct path of the balloons taking off. And we even got a personal show when one of the balloons had some technical difficulties and landed right behind us. And the best part, the park was free and there was no traffic jams!

Michael's White Coat Ceremony

Madelyn, Michael and his mom Judy

Michael officially got his White Coat from Texas School of Osteopathic Medicine-Physician Assistant Studies at a ceremony at the Will Rogers stadium . Congratulations!

Effects of Hurricane Gustav

The effects of hurricane Gustav, the high tide and waves closed the beach the last day we were at the beach, so we spent more time exploring the rest of the island.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Texas State Aquarium

Michael, Madelyn aand Grammie

When Madelyn saw this fishing coming at her, she loudly prclaimed" Woah, that's a BIG fish" and then proceed to give the fish kisses.

Looking for a sheel with a hermit crab

petting the sting rays

U.S.S. Lexington

Madelyn and Grammie
We spent a fun afternoon at the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus iwth Grammie and Poppo. Madelyn really enjoyed watching the dolphin show and got a kick out of the peeting stingray splash pool. It was a quite weekend in Corpus since so many had left to due to Hurricane Gustav that never made an appereance along the Texas coast line. But the humidity was higher than ever..I know because my hair is a great barometer, so it spent the majority of the trip tied back so not scare people with its puffiness.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria

The New Royal Family

Just the three of us!

Grammie, Mom, and Madelyn

This bucket sure is heavy

Maddie ringing the Mast bell

Madelyn working the Bilge Pump

The Santa Maria-dry docked when a barge it and now its unsafe to board

On deck looking at an hour glass

The Nina

Grammie and Madelyn driving the boat

Hanging like a bat

Playing at the Light House

On the ferry back to Port Aransas

Labor Day Weekend, we packed our bags and flew down to Corpus Christi for a long weekend on the beach in Port Aransas with my Mom and Bryan. The weather could have not have been more perfect despite Hurricane Gustav recking havoc along the Louisiana Coast. While we
were there we spent an afternoon at the Corpus Science Museum, that was displaying the replicas of the Christopher Columbus' Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria. They also had a great kids museum that totally captured Madelyn's attention. But the ships were awesome! I can't even imagine having been a sailor and overcoming so many obstacles for the sake of advancing navigation. Not to mention how far in terms of terms of transportation have come since 1492. We think traveling is difficult now, just think back a few hundred centuries!

Care Group Party

One of the families in our Care Group had a birthday party at Pump It Up, an indoor Bounce House. What I love about these parties is that the parents can play too.--of course someone has to supervise all the kiddos.


One minute she is happy and playing, the next she is screaming bloody murder--literally! Madelyn and I were sitting on the bed putting on our shoes and Ms. Independence says that she wants to get down by herself-like she does every time. She rolls over and starts to slide off and then I hear her screaming. Some how the night stand that was a good two feet away jumped up and found her lips, and unfortunately for Madelyn the nightstand won. Thanks to paramedic daddy and some dermabond, she was good to go. Madelyn milked the accidents for days, telling us that she can't pick up her toys because she had a boo-boo. Poor thing, its tough being a princess!

Gotta Wear Shades!

Maddie and some of her classmates at her school
Madelyn's class was having an end of the summer Splash-a-bration and have a day long splash party. Here are some of the pictures I captured before the bathing beauty got wet.


I have seen some large cupcakes before, but this one took the frosting. The last time my mom visited, she got Madelyn four of these frosting sensations. They were just to big for Madelyn to pick up and eat, so she used found a creative solution--just stick your head into the cupcake and take a bite!. And getting frosting up the the nose was only a bonus!