Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Chad, Jen, Me amd Michael on the Strip

Look out Vegas, here we come!

Mrs. Duncan & Mrs. Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Jennifer and Chad Duncan

The Wedding Party

Michael and I in the "Love Garden"

Me in the Chapel of Little Flowers

My best friend Jen is now offically Jennifer Kaye Duncan, but she will always be Jen Sims to me. Jen and Chad tied the knot in Vegas on Novemeber 17th and I was honored to be her Matron of Honor. This was also the first time Michael and I had left Madelyn over night. My mom aka Grammie came in for the week to watch Madelyn. I am pretty sure that Madelyn didn't even notice we were gone with all the fun she and Grammie had together. Michael and I had a great time in Vegas and with all the fun we were having we still missed our little girl, but sure did enjoy some childless evenings. Thanks mom!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Austin College Homecoming 2007

Light, Madleyn, Valerie and Vicki Cummins

#1 Roo Fan

Jumping Joeys! (aka, baby kangaroos for those ATM mined folks)

Go Roos football!

Madelyn ready to kiss the Homecoming Pig

Go Roos!
Today was Homecoming at Austin College! So while Michael worked, Madelyn and I took the the short jaunt north to Sherman. We had a great time visiting with old friends and professors, and of course getting to show Madelyn off to everyone. She is such a social butterfly, that she just walks up to anyone and says "Hi, how are you"? And today she learned to say "Nice to meet you", which was just so cute to hear coming from her little voice, the older alumni there just thought she was darling......(o.k, I know I am bragging, but it's just my mom prerogative)

The highlight of my trip was getting to spend the afternoon with my new favorite history professors, Light and Vicki Cummins. Who also had fun holding and following around Madelyn. The had several bounce houses for the kids....great idea! Because then the kids could jump and stay in a central location and the parents could talk with each other. Madelyn was very fascinated with all the fountains, they even died the Ida Green fountain water Crimson for the festivities. I even took Madelyn to the Alumni swim meet and showed her the pool were I spent a good portion of my time at AC. I would have liked to swam, but I had Madelyn, I didn't want to scare anyone in my swim suit and I want to spare myself the embarrassment of getting beat by a kid who is nearly half my age. Madelyn however, thought that she probably should have brought her suit! She say the pool and immediately started to say swim, Swim, SWIM! I wanna swim! So to divert her attention, we headed over to the football game and watched as Trinity took a commanding lead over the Roos....but at least Madelyn did cheer "Go Roos"....but I am not sure it really helped the game too much. But we will continually and faithfully keep supporting our Roos!

Where did she learn that?

Madelyn is always amazing us with new words and phrases that we often ask each other... Where did she learn that? Here is a new for you.

Madelyn wakes up again before the crack of the dawn, so Michael goes and gets her and brings to our bed while we get ready for work. Madelyn although is awake, but she is still not ready to grace the world with her charming presence.

Michael: Come give Daddy kisses, I have to go bye-bye to work. Michael leans over and puckers up....

Madelyn: Hey Daddy..."Back up, I am not ready!"

Mom: Where did she learn that?

Don't worry, Daddy got his kisses before he left.

Best Buddies

Isn't this the sweetest thing! Cooper and Madelyn laying on his bed just giggling at each other!

They play so contently together

Cooper making his move!!!!!

Best Buddies

They were taking turns pushing each other on the rocket. "One, two, three...Blast off" they would say to each other.

Madelyn giving Caroline more kisses!
Madelyn has been asking a lot for Cooper. I think she has been having Cooper withdraw as he has been busy being a new big brother to Caroline. So after school on Thursday we went over to help Jenny celebrate her birthday and Madelyn and Cooper got some much needed playtime. I am so happy that we have such wonderful friends like Josh and Jenny that are always so much fun to hang out with, are great support network and who share the same views of raising a Christ minded family. Madelyn is just happy to be with her best buddy! And of course to see Baby Caroline was fascinating....Madelyn couldn't stop touching her and kissing her! She loves to play mommy...I wonder if she knows that Caroline is real or just a baby doll? Because now she calls all little babies out and about, "Baby Caroline"

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Our Angelic Angel

Our angel pretending to fly

More flying

Taking Mommy's Cholocate!

Madelyn will play a game called "Madelyn's Hat" by trying to take what ever she can find and making it into a hat...even her bloomers!

Madelyn signing please for more candy!

The angel saying "Trick or Treat"...I lover her expression!

Madelyn took the flameless candle out of her pumpkin and began to sing happy birthday to "Punkin"

Madelyn was an Angel for Halloween this year. The first time Grammie put on her custom, she freaked out about having the halo above her head. So when the fall festival rolled around, and Madelyn was ready for her custom, we just bent the halo down and off to the side.....(is that the future for told....hope not)

Fall Festival

Skee Ball Professional Player

Murphee and Madelyn playing Bucket Bonanza
Slam Dunk!

Madelyn and Mom playing Chicken Soup. You have to it the lever and the chicken flys into the pot. I got to help build this game. My favorite one!

Madelyn and mom sliding down the Krazy Kong!

We all had a busy Halloween this year. I had to work at the Fall Festival at church, so Madelyn and I got up super early and go to the church at sun rise to get started setting up all the game booths. Prestonwood has a huge Fall Festival every year and this year had record breaking attendance of 30, 000 plus. It was a warm night and with Day Lights Saving pushed back, it was light longer, which help to draw out the masses. The church had over 60 inflatables and 155 game and craft booths for preschooler and elementary kids. Before all the festivities started the staff got a little play time on the inflatables and we all had a fun time. Including Madelyn who climbed up with me on the Krazy Kong Slide. Although she enjoyed the climb up, she was not thrilled with the slide down. After the slide experience all Madelyn wanted to do was play games. By that time, a lot of our friends arrived and Madelyn got to play with her friends at different booths.

We wanted to put Madelyn in her custom at the Fall Festival, but she wanted nothing to do with the halo that kept hanging over head. So we just waited till we got home to show off her angel custom.