Saturday, October 17, 2009

"I am a true Princesss"

My True Little Princess!

Singing, "I am a true Princess"

The girls learned a dance and the sign language to the song.

One of the crafts during the week was making an apron that read "Princess Madelyn" with her hand prints and lots of glitter, boas and ribbons. So very precious!

Making her grand entrance.

Practicing for the Royal Performance

Princess Madelyn

Brinley, Madelyn and Cara three adorable princess friends.

Practicing her new prayer..."Here's my crown I lay it down and before the king my Lord."

Madelyn's Holy unto the Lord Cowgirl Hat

Each Day had a craft that enhanced and went along with the Bible Point

Nickie and Madelyn after her Royal Performance

Me and my Princess
For the past several years, Prestonwood has hosted the Royal Princess Camp--What it means to be the daughter of the KING. Its an absolutely adorable week for the girls as they paint their nails, wear tiaras, dance, sing, watch princess skits, learn princess manners, and make cute, cute crafts. Most importantly, they learn a daily Bible verse that helps them learn that they are a precious gift from God and they a daughter of the KING acts and helps others. This was Madelyn third time to attending the camp, the really the first year she got to be in the room by herself. I volunteered the week in the crazy craft room and got to sneak peaks all day long how wonderful my princess was doing. It's bittersweet to know that your daughter is having a blast and being independent but doesn't always need you by her side. We now listen everyday to the True Princess CD and Madelyn knows every word and motion.Its great CD, but a little variety would be nice. She keeps talking about when she gets to go back to Princess Camp. It's hard to explain to a three year old that she has wait until the summertime to go back. Ahh a lesson in patience!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Hot Hot Hot Forth Worth Zoo

Madelyn and Kaden riding together on the train
Kaden and April
My pinkened Maddie riding on the bench of the carousel because "all the other animals are too scary."
I think we probably picked the hottest day of the summer to go to the Forth Worth Zoo with my good friends from college April, Matt and their two kiddos Kaden and Aubrey. By 11 am that morning it had already reached 113. It was so hot that most of the animals were not even in their outdoor exhibits. Needless to say we took frequent cooling off breaks, and Madelyn didn't complain when I said she could have ice cream for her lunch. Madelyn and Kaden thoroughly enjoyed the train and carousel rides, and pretending to be the few animals we saw that day.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Home of Thomas Jefferson in Charlottseville, Virginia
Look familiar its on the back of the nickel.

My Jeffersonian beauty

Me and Madelyn enjoying our annual photo on the lawn.

On the back steps of the house

Waiting in line for the house tour. I am so proud of Madelyn, she did fabulous during the tour and was actually able to point and identify a few major artifacts during the tour. It melts my heart that she will share the same love for history, as I she has any choice with a history teacher for a mom.
Learning the fine art of writing with a Quill pen and an ink well.
It was messy but fun, but the girls learned something new.
Miss Independent wanted to do all by herself
Arianna and Madelyn hanging around a 300 year oak tree
Arianna, Gabriella and Maddie just relaxing in the shade

Enjoying the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Me and Mr. Jefferson
For the past eight years we have had our pictures taken on the back steps of the Monticello. I have myself from the single years, Michael and I when we were engaged, married and then Madelyn when she was only a month old. So every since then I have taken Madelyn's picture when we go to visit my dad. This year Michael came with us for a few days, but had to get back for school. So I took all the girls myself to Monticello and had an amazing time. The TJ foundation open a new and beautiful visitor's center with a great cafe. To enhance the tour for the young historians, a children's tour of the home was also added, and offers more hands on opportunities for the kids--highly recommended. I don't get to see the girls very often, so spending the day with my little sisters was important, fun and memorable. Not to mention we were in my own personal utopia and I was able to share the experience with Madelyn, who I hope one day will understand that Jefferson was responsible for helping to create many of the civil liberties that we Americans enjoy today.

Richmond's Children's Museum

Digging for Dinosaurs
Madelyn enjoyed making a splash at the water works

Gabriella and Madelyn

Gina teaching Madelyn how to milk a cow

Two monkey's just hanging around

Check out these Future Farmers of America

Gina was a super duper checker outer

Enjoying her view while driving the Ambulance

Mechanical Inclinations must come from her daddy

Madelyn telling us a mooooving story

My little ham stole the show! Can you tell how well she dressed for the part!

Arianna, Madelyn, Gabriella and Gina taking a ride on a dinosaur
Such cute little chick-a-dies
What to do on a rainy afternoon? While the Richmond's Children's Museum proved to provide hours of fun and make believe for the girls. Madelyn loved the farm, the climbing tree top adventures, the shopping market and the water works. I think the best part for Madelyn was having built in playmates with all her aunts there to play with her.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Horse Back Riding on Graves Mountain

Yes, I know I am a dork, but you should have seen the full get up. I had on firework/sparkler headbands, American flag necklace and cool Star and Stripes socks--- I was being patriotic! But I also knew that I didn't to scare the horse, so left most of my get up in the car, except the groovy sun glasses. This was the first time in fifteen years I had gone horse back riding and was so excited and scared at the same time. Excited when the land was flat, but as the name implies--Graves Mountain-- we took some steep trail paths. And according to Sir Issac Newton what goes up, must come down. And down we did! There were a few points were I wanted to close my eyes, but thankful that my horse did not. But an hour into the ride, with a numb butt and sore thighs, I was having a blast and wanted to keep going, but I also wanted to get back to Madelyn and Michael. I can't wait till she is old enough for some active equine adventures.

Daneen's horse was a bit to spirited for me--she liked to take off in trot-a lot!

Gina rode a horse that stopped to eat EVERY weed we past.

Me and Big Brown Mouse-- she was a good horse!

The Three City Slickers--ahhh I, mean the Three Amigo's

Madelyn, Gina and me-- I see the resemblance, but I think that Gina and Vanessa look much more alike.

My sweet baby girl was tuckered out from the long hike.

Madelyn really wanted to swim in the river, but her change of clothes were at the top of the mountain.

Madelyn's first funnel cake--apparently she really like it!

Gabriella, Madelyn, myself and Michael appreciating the beautiful view of the river.