Friday, May 30, 2008

Water Table

Playing with her new water table

Look at that wet yet adorable smile
Recently made got a step stool in her bathroom. Although I love her new found Independence of washing her hands, she has also decided that everyone of her toys needs a bath in the bathroom sink. Madelyn loves to play with the water and if the will bill wasn't so darn high, it would probably be OK. Given the opportunity, she would happily play in the water all day. So to save my bathroom from future water damage we got Madelyn a water table. It has already been a real hit and it fabulous afternoon heat breaker. I have learned to just strip her down and just let go for it. She usually finishes the afternoon soaking wet!

Mother's Tea

My adorable proud artist shows off her hand print butterflies.

Momma and Madelyn

Joey and Ms. Shauna. Joey and Maddie are just one day apart and have been best buds at school

Madelyn's Mother's Day out program CLC had a Mother's Tea, and it was the most precious thing ever! The kids made for their moms a canvas bag that they decorated themselves and it was stuffed with masterpiece artwork they had been creating through out the year. Madelyn was very of herself as she guided me to her seat and started to show me some of the things she had made. Throughout the year, her teachers had been videotaping the kids in action and it was adorable to watch, but even more amazing to see how far they kids have developed. I am so thankful that Madelyn is already receiving a great Christian education. What CLC and the teachers offer there can not be found in just any school. There really is nothing more heart warming than watching your child recite Bible verses and her class prayer, and knowing that she understands that its for the glory of the Lord. And can I say that I loved watching all of the kiddos get up and sing is nothing short of adorable and makes me beam as a mom.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fort Worth Zoo

Isn't this the cutest baby...elephant

Look, its really Madelyn in disguise

Hitch'n a ride on the giant crocodile

Merkat Manor

We picked the hottest day of the year in the Texas to go the zoo. We had been having such beautiful weather, we were hoping it would out. Boy were wrong, 100 degrees plus the humidity made for an extremely hot and sticky day. But that didn't stop Madelyn from having a great visit. Her squeals of excitement every time she saw a new animal and her attempts to mimic their sounds were the most precious thing ever. I love her zeal and excitement for life!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Butterfly Festival

trying to see the butterfly that landed on her bow

Madelyn and Cara
Finally holding a butterfly
Michael, Madelyn and I joined a group of our friends at the Plano Butterfly Festival. We thought that Madelyn would really enjoy seeing the colorful butterflies and getting hold them. Well, she enjoyed them at a distance and the only way she would hold one is by letting it land on a piece of cantaloupe they gave us to attract the butterflies-- a tasty dessert. When it did land on her she would yell, "Bug" and swat the poor butterfly away. But now when we see a butterfly, she is much more intrigued.

Show Off Day

Madelyn clapping after finishing counting to twenty with her class.

On Mondays, Madelyn goes to Carrollton Christan Academy. They had the end of the year show off day, in which the kids took the parents through what they do in a typical day. I am so proud of how far Madelyn has come this year and she just loves going to Ms. C.C's and M.S Beth's class. She has come home singing some of the cutest songs and the most precious art work.

Artist in Training

Madelyn loves to paint---even herself. Today she was try out the french mustache look.

Abilene Zoo

Madelyn and daddy feeding the giant catfish

Spring Beauty enjoying the nice weather

Madelyn feeding the giraffes

That's a looooong tongue!

Hmm, that sucker looks good!

Which ones the monkey?

Madelyn posing with the flamingos

We celebrated earth day in Abilene with Michael's family. We had a fun filled day at the Abilene Zoo. While its much smaller than the Dallas Zoo, the exhibits were great because you could get so close to animals. They even give you "safe" crackers to feed the animals with--a really hit with the kids. You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to spend outside. And Madelyn had a great time visiting with her cousins, Mackenzie and Jonathan.

Just Say Cheese

I was folding laundry in my bedroom when I heard Madelyn say "I love Cheese". Thinking she had just gotten a cheese stick from the refrigerator, I came out to the living room to find that she had taken the Parmesan cheese and dumped it onto a plate and was eating the cheese by the spoonful.

Leslie's Shower

I got to make the cake!!!

Big hugs from Madelyn

Courtney and Jody

such cute gifts

All the girls playing a game
We hosted Leslie's TWIN baby girls shower here at our house.
It was so great to have some many fun and sweet ladies over as we showered Leslie with our love. We are very excited to help her welcome Kate and Kennedy to her family!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Madelyn's Easter Egg Hunt

Baily helping during the egg hunt
Since we got back to Texas the day before Easter and I had to work a full day at the church on Easter, we did Madelyn's Easter egg hunt when I got home that afternoon.
All she cared about was finding her eggs and realizing that there was something edible inside the eggs. She is a chocoholic, genetic in nature, but will do anything for chocolate. So Madelyn was very excited about the prospect of finding chocolate to eat and things that egg hunts are the most exciting thing ever!

White House of the Confederacy

The back or garden side of the White House

The front or street side of the White House

St. John's Church in Richmond where Patrick Henry gave his "Give me Liberty or give me death"speech during the American Revolution.

Patrick Henry
"Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

Our last day in Virginia we took a tour of Jefferson Davis's house during the Civil War or more commonly referred to as the White House of the Confederacy. Once again the history nerdness oozed out of me and I had a great time absorbing lots of new information. Michael was very kind and let go on the tour alone, since we knew Madelyn wouldn't be able to make through the entire tour without breaking a national memento. But they did have fun exploring the Confederacy museum and boat replicas.

After our tour, we did a short drive around the historic district of Richmond before heading to the airport. I have been through Richmond many times, but had never ventured downtown and now I have a list of new places I would like to visit when we go back.

NC Science Place and Museum

We got to spend a beautiful day at the science place. Its a great family place that is half indoors and half outdoor exhibits. The ecosystems each had their own animal exhibits and the weather could have not been more perfect. They had a butterfly house where you could actually hold a variety of different butterflies. Although we thought it was a very neat experience, Madelyn did not think so. She kept saying "bug", "Bug", "BUG" and did not care for them if they landed on her. But she did think the rest the "Zoo" was quite fun!