Sunday, February 14, 2010

Madelyn's Fourth Birthday Party

Happy 4th Birthday Madelyn


Madelyn and Grammie


Ariana conquering the slide

Love the Look Ella

Toppling The Tower


Kaelin the bathing beauty


Grammie and Madelyn


Grammie, Cooper, Valerie and Madelyn

Madelyn and Kaelin

LaShea and Jazlyn

Kealin playing motorboat

Shane and Ella

Look KJ can FLY

Super Fly Madelyn Harris

Leila and Kevin

Little Miss Dare Devil Cara

Watch out below

Kaelin "Chill-laxing" on the stairs

Cara, Shane and Ella

Mom and Maddy

Josh and Cooper

Did I mention how much she loves going down the slide!!!!
K.J. "The Truth" Chadwick
Madelyn had planned since last year that she wanted a Tinkerbell Birthday Party!
My Birthday Girl is Four!!! Where has the time gone??

Blowing out her candles

Enjoying some yummy cake and Ice Cream

Birthday Bow

Emily and Paulina

Trying to blow up her up her bouncy balloon.

That's one huge Green Balloon Cooper

Madelyn pulled the string on the Pinata and out came all the candy.

Filling their candy bags
This year we celebrated Madelyn's 4th Birthday Party at the Emler Swim School in Plano. Maddy has been swimming with them this year and was very excited to have her friends there to swim with her at the party. She has been practicing every week her swimming skills to show off at the party and she had the best time swimming. Madelyn is a fish and is very comfortable in the water. Being a January baby, a swim party outdoors is not usually possible in Texas (I say usually, because one day is 85 and the next we have 12 inches of snow), so the indoor facilities of Emler proved to be a great hit for the little ones. It was a contained area, they provided the life guards and life jackets and all the entrainment. The biggest hits were the double water slides and toppling the tower. The kids had a amazing time and at the end of the two hours they were exhausted, and then got a sugar rush from some delicious cake and ice cream, enjoyed a Pinata, and then we sent them on their merry way. A Fabulous Party for a Fabulous Birthday Girl!