Saturday, December 04, 2010

Fancy Fiber Farm

Cooper, Madelyn, Matthew, K.J. Caleb, and Leila

That is the largest Angorra rabbit we have ever seen!

Courtney and Leila

They spent the whole morning walking hand in hand--so cute!!

Madelyn and dolly the sheep
I used to teach with Mary Berry years ago, and this summer, we bumped into each other at Olive Garden. She now owns and operates Fancy Fiber Farms in Farmersville, Texas which is about a 25 minute drive east of McKinney. Mary has over 50 animals that she raises for their fur/hair. She is also a master weaver, and when Madelyn was born she knitted a beautiful baby blanket from the fibers she spun and dyed.
She invited us and few of our good friends to brave the extreme Texas heat and tour her farm.
Mary spent the morning walking us around the farm, letting us pet and feed the rabbits. The hardest part for our motley crew was trying to remain calm and quite, so that we would not frighten the bunnies. The kids really did try, but they were so darn excited! Especially when Mary brought out Hercules, the ginormous Angora rabbit! He was a beast!
We got licked in the face by the goats, chased chickens and even got to spray the bellies of the Alpacas, as they sought respite from the 100 plus heat. And a great bonus was that Mary sells cage free chicken eggs, so we all left with fresh eggs to enjoy at home. We greatly enjoyed our morning on the farm, but as you can tell from the pictures, we were HOT and ready for a fun lunch date at Chick Fila and so much needed air conditioning.

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