Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Moose Salad

During our entire stay, I kept asking if I could "bait" the Eckles backyard, so that I could see more of Maddy the Moose. While at the Alaskan Center for Wildlife studies, I found a recipe for Moose Salad. It really lists food such as cranberries, watermelon weed, and dandelions that are super scrumptious for a Moose. Very tempted to try it, but we ended up laughing more about the idea of it.

Waiting for story time

Learning about the globe

A science experiment on water cohesion

Kaelin and Maddy in circle time.

Touching the teeth of a Beaver Skull

Going for a hike down to the stream.

I got really excited when I got to see the tree mushroom things, that I had always seen in the Smurf cartoons, but had never seen naturally occurring in Texas. Look those things are real!

Maddy and Kaelin exploring the flora around the stream.

Small world, our ranger Sarah, had just moved to Homer from Melissa, TX (just north of McKinney).

Kids learning about the available fresh water in the entire world.

Cute Baby Squirrel we found on our hike

To help us learn more about the flora and fauna of the stream the kids made stream headbands complete with whales, bears and salmons.

The center was atop of a mountain and we had a great view of the Homer Spit on the way back down.

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